The four seasons of life


Bland alla nationaliteter jag mötte i gamla kyrkan förra sommaren fanns det en läkarstuderande som hade dubbelt medorgarskap; hon kände sig hemma i både Iran och Dominikanska republiken. En udda blandning. Hittade en dikt av den blivande läkaren:


The art of living is to enjoy all four seasons of life,

To understand the sadness of autumn,

To live with the cold in winter time,

To bloom again in a beautiful spring,

And To pick up the fruits of our journey in a warm summer.

All four seasons will come and go ,

Sometimes one can’t come after the other,

They don’t come in a particular order,

Sometimes we must bring them to our lives,

 and Invite them to our hearts.

many times we will just have to wait, until they arrive

But the sure thing is that, we’ll have lots of them in our life.

We must learn to know them, let them in and sometimes, let them go …

But all the time, love them all.


About jiholm

Just another blogger who's trying to figure out this breathtaking thing called Life.
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